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    Company news
    New mode of drying equipment manufacturing management
    2021-01-25 14:49:05

    "Virtual manufacturing", also known as "business outsourcing", is a manufacturing management mode that manufacturing drying equipment enterprises weaken part or all of the intermediate manufacturing links of the business chain, implement entrusted collaborative processing, and strengthen the upstream product development and design, downstream marketing (including after-sales service) and other links of the business chain.

    There are three main forms: one is the OEM manufacture of drying equipment. It means that the core drying equipment enterprises hand over the designed products to professional manufacturing contractors for production, and mark the final products with the well-known brand of the core drying equipment enterprises. Second, design and manufacture with fixed brand, which means that the seller purchases the manufacturer's design materials and lets the OEM drying equipment enterprises organize the production and manufacture of products and sell them with their own brand. The third is process outsourcing manufacturing, which usually means that the core drying equipment enterprises spread some rough processing and low-tech processes to the drying equipment enterprises in the surrounding areas with low labor cost to process on their behalf, and put the key processes such as finishing, assembly, testing and other processes under their own control. The order is under your control. In the organizational form of drying equipment enterprises, this mode is characterized by a "dumbbell" structure of small (fine) in the middle and large (strong) at both ends.

    Experts believe that "virtual manufacturing" is the external manifestation of the periodic and directional movement of various elements in the industrial chain around the world. For the dominant drying equipment enterprises, their mobility tends to be in the middle and high end of the industrial chain, and ultimately achieve (relative) control of the whole industrial chain; For the general small and medium-sized drying equipment enterprises and the weak drying equipment enterprises, their mobility tends to the middle and low end of the industrial chain, becoming a link or several parts of a link of the industrial chain. Finally, they are "attached" to the dominant drying equipment enterprises, thus forming a dynamic industrial ecosystem.

    More than one thousand drying equipment enterprises in China have the same industrial layout in China, which leads to large total production and serious low-level repeated construction; The phenomenon of "large and complete" and "small and complete" is common. There are many problems in drying equipment enterprises, such as strong internal self-supporting consciousness, long production cycle, high cost, unable to guarantee the performance and reliability of the whole machine, slow response to market demand and so on. In foreign countries, the competitive advantage of machine tool drying equipment enterprises is becoming more and more obvious, and the drying equipment enterprises in the industry are mostly small drying equipment enterprises, generally 220 ~ 500 people, up to 800 people, with sales revenue of tens of millions of yuan or even hundreds of millions of dollars.

    Therefore, in order to narrow the gap between China and foreign countries, China's drying equipment enterprises must be in line with the international level and transition to virtual manufacturing. Make use of the new development mode to strengthen the competitiveness of the industry.

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